Who, Why, What?


The 2020 Rising programme is aimed at teachers, parents and community leaders but its end goal is to help improve the future lives and opportunities of those young people most at risk of being lost to gangs and crime.

If we can reach these troubled youths and turn them away from that path – a path some have already started walking – then we can start turning our struggling communities around because this is a war we have to win.


The messages our disengaged youth are getting from some of their peers are clear and persuasive. They are having their eyes opened way too early to dangerous and damaging areas of life: crime, addiction, violence, abuse and exploitation. We can no longer stand on the sidelines and look the other way.

It was because of the difficulty parents, teachers and community figures were having in engaging with disaffected youth that we decided to launch 2020 Rising.
Read our Mission Statement here.


2020 Rising is dedicated to reaching the young people who are hardest to help and improving their prospects.

But before we can hope to make positive changes in our communities we need to have our eyes wide open and be prepared to face some stark truths about what is happening on our streets.

2020 Rising is committed to raising real awareness, engaging with all members of afflicted communities and then taking positive action which might actually have a chance of working.

Background History

The 2020 Dreams® and 2020 Rising® Project is managed by 2020 Effect, they have built up considerable experience in running fun, effective, engaging workshops on a variety of arts-related topics.

We understand what it takes to inspire young people, even those who tend to be difficult to engage, and have distilled this knowledge into a workshop formula for the ambitious 2020 Dreams & 2020 Rising project.

Two elements of our workshops have proved to be particularly powerful: role-plays and discussion forums. Interactive role-play scenarios serve to bring the academic awareness-building information provided into the real world of the student, giving them something to relate to on a personal level.

Our role-plays strike a sensitive balance between being realistic and straying into overly controversial areas. We never single students out or make them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Open discussion forums give young people the space and respect to air their own views and propose their own solutions to 21st Century problems; after all, they are on the front line.

The facilitator is on hand to guide the debate, ensure fair participation and ensure a respectful attitude is maintained. Nevertheless, the actual workshop format is very flexible and workshops can be customised to fit in with your agenda.

What is 2020 Dreams?

2020 Rising is at the cutting edge of our popular 2020 Dreams programme of workshops for schools and other youth institutions.

2020 Dreams provides many specialist workshops are divided into five sections, each covering a specific area of concern to teachers, students, parents and the wider community.