Life Coaching & Our Approach

To help achieve the goals set out in our mission statement, we provide a range of training packages suitable for teachers, parents and youths themselves. Our unique approach focuses on life coaching which is positive, supportive and focused on outcomes.

Life Coaching

It is a hard truth that many young people grow up with few, if any, positive role models. They may come from single parent families or from households where violence and crime is an everyday occurrence.

It is no wonder that the gap is so often filled by gang elders who promise material rewards for delivering drugs or carrying weapons.

Life coaching involves teaching young people the social and practical skills they need to open doors for themselves and persevere towards a positive future.

Please contact us to find out more about 2020 Rising life coaching.


Mentoring is similar to life coaching but provides an opportunity for an even closer relationship between troubled youths and a skilled, 2020 Rising mentor.

Mentors will take a young person under their wing and support them through the hard times as they work towards positive goals.

Please contact us to find out more about 2020 Rising mentoring.

Driving Change

When it comes to gangs and weapons, we all know that change is needed but often feel disempowered. This leads to blaming others rather than focusing on what we all – as individuals and groups – can do for ourselves.

2020 Rising can teach you the fundamental skills needed to become empowered and drive real change in society. Please contact us to find out more.

Positive Psychology

The 2020 Rising programme uses various positive psychological approaches which have shown to have a powerful effect on changing young people’s mindsets for the better. These include neurolinguistic programming (NLP), an approach based on modelling successful thinking.