Tackling Gangs and Knife & Gun Crime

The headlines and statistics make depressing reading. Young people attacking and killing one another on the streets of our cities and towns seems to be on the rise and unwanted records are being broken.

Over 100 people, many of them teenagers or young men, had been killed in 2018 before the summer was over. ONS figures from June show a record number of knife attacks – almost 40,000 in one year (discounting Greater Manchester figures).

How can communities fix this problem and reverse the trend? There is no single, simple answer just as there is no single, simple cause to gang affiliation and knife or gun crime.

Understanding the many contributing factors, like childhood trauma and mental health problems, is a good place to start. We also have to have the courage to talk about difficult issues with one another and with young people themselves.

2020 Rising provides topical training packages aimed at teachers, parents, community leaders and anyone else wanting to get involved in stemming the bloody tide. By working together we can increase the chances of a positive outcome and save children’s lives – and the future of our communities.


To support our work in raising awareness we have produced a number of books.

Topics include Knife Crime, Gang Prevention, Mental Health & more.

Our publications are suitable for both parents & teachers.

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Understanding Gang Culture

2020 Rising’s Understanding Gang Culture training avoids sensational and misleading media information and focuses on the truth behind the gang phenomenon.

Areas that our in-depth training programme will cover, include:

  • Risk and protective factors related to gang affiliation
  • Mental health and gang membership
  • Grooming, the lure of drug dealing and the ‘business’ of county lines operations
  • The influence of social media, gaming and drill music
  • Postcode wars
  • The three R’s of gang culture
  • Moped crime
  • Strategies in tackling gangs: from early intervention to suppression tactics
  • The role of government cuts to Police and facilities
  • The role of parents and schools
  • Community action

Knife & Gun Crime Awareness

Weapons and gangs go hand in hand but even those youths who do not intend to cause trouble can find themselves arrested or worse because they chose to carry a knife.

2020 Rising’s Knife & Gun Crime Awareness training takes an unflinching look at the reality of knife and gun crime so that teachers, parents and community leaders can speak with authority when helping young people to resist the temptation to carry.
Areas that our in-depth training programme will cover, include:

  • Why youths carry knives
  • Knife possession and the law
  • Fear, paranoia and the role of mental health
  • Knife crime trends
  • Knives in schools
  • How knife crime is linked to gangs
  • Drive-by shootings
  • Strategies in tackling knife crime: amnesties, stop and search, etc.
  • The need for early intervention
  • Community action

Our experience in engaging with challenged youths on hard-hitting topics like gangs and knife crime puts us in the ideal position to equip others with the knowledge and skills to be effective.

Only by coming together as one multi-agency community can we dismantle the gangs, remove the weapons from our streets and look forward to a better future.

Contact the 2020 Rising team today to find out more about our training options.