Mental Health Awareness Training and Signposting

There has been a recent upsurge in awareness about the importance of good mental health.

When it comes to troubled young people, poor mental health is at the root of most – if not all – of the unhealthy decisions they make and the destructive behaviours they express.

Youth violence, gang affiliation and drug abuse are all ways in which children and teens express their unhappiness, anger, frustration, hopelessness, loneliness, alienation and other symptoms of poor mental health.

Become Mental Health Aware With 2020 Rising

Awareness needs to be followed by positive action which is why 2020 Rising provides Mental Health support training. This training is inclusive: anyone who is interested in helping young people to enjoy good mental health can enrol without any pre-requisites.

Some of the many skills that the course will teach include:

  • Looking after your own mental health
  • Recognising mental health issues in others
  • Non-judgmental listening
  • Signposting


To support our work in raising awareness we have produced a number of books.

Topics include Knife Crime, Gang Prevention, Mental Health & more.

Our publications are suitable for both parents & teachers.

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Effective Signposting

Signposting is a hugely important aspect of mental health awareness. Since 2020 Rising project workers are generally not qualified counsellors or therapists, they are not able to provide therapy.

However, they can play a vital part in ensuring young people are directed to those professionals or support organisations that can best help them.

To find out more about 2020 Rising Mental Health Awareness training, please contact the team.