Employment, Career & Enterprise

Disengaged, underemployed youths are a huge waste of talent and the longer they remain disconnected from society, the harder it will be for them to find honest work.

Imagine if all of those lost and troubled souls could be saved from destruction and despair and directed into meaningful employment. How would that transform communities and those young people’s lives?

This is one of the main aims behind the various 2020 Rising programmes. With belief and hard work we can help disengaged teenagers and young adults to find fulfilling work, embark upon exciting careers and even unlock their inner creativity through enterprise.

Employment – Engagement and Positive Action

The first step is often to get young people off the streets and out of the clutches of manipulative gangs. We can help young people to build and develop the skills needed to source and secure a job or to take part in apprenticeships and trainee schemes. We can also coach them into approaching work with the right mindset so that they become an asset to their employer while improving their own self-esteem and confidence.


To support our work in raising awareness we have produced a number of books.

Topics include Knife Crime, Gang Prevention, Mental Health & more.

Our publications are suitable for both parents & teachers.

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Careers – Imagining a Better Future

It is important that young people don’t feel they are in ‘dead end jobs’ with no opportunity to move onwards or upwards. This can still leave them vulnerable to being lured by promises of easier work and more money.

Therefore, once young people are able to make ends meet, we can also support them in developing further skills and ultimately climbing the career ladder. By setting goals, building relationships with colleagues and learning how to perform in interviews for promotion, young people from any background can achieve what they may have thought was beyond them.

Enterprise – Unlocking Full Potential

Financial freedom, autonomy and success come as much from hard work as they do from creativity. 2020 Rising can support those youths with entrepreneurial flair to turn their ideas into reality.