Truancy Reduction & Life Coaching

Repeated truancy is not just a harmless ‘naughty’ behaviour. It is a red flag signalling that a young person is disconnecting from life and losing hope in the future.

Truancy stunts a young person’s academic progress, distances them from their peers and wider community and puts them at risk of being groomed for crime or abuse.

2020 Rising life coaching can help halt that journey towards destruction and assist the young person to reconnect with their education.

Truancy & Academic Achievement

Studies have shown that truancy affects children in poverty more than any other groups. Sadly, this deprives them of the opportunities that could help them to turn around their lives and escape the ‘postcode trap.’

The longer children are truant from school, the more their studies and self-esteem will suffer and the longer it will take them to make up for lost time. 2020 Rising truancy reduction programmes help to rebuild that critical link between young people, parents and schools, giving young people a chance at life.


To support our work in raising awareness we have produced a number of books.

Topics include Knife Crime, Gang Prevention, Mental Health & more.

Our publications are suitable for both parents & teachers.

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Truancy & Community Disengagement

Schools are not only about education. They also form a crucial link between families, children and the wider community. Truancy disconnects people from that supportive network. This erosion of community ties further disadvantages youths and makes it more likely that they will come to see themselves as outsiders – and turn to anti-social behaviour.

Truancy & Gang Grooming

Truancy also puts children and teens at serious risk of becoming involved with gang-associated peers and even gang elders looking for new blood. Gangs will seize upon under-occupied youths and find criminal activities for them.

If a young person starts hanging about with new friends outside of school, spending a lot of time away from home and coming back with new shoes, clothes, money or jewellery, this is a warning sign that they could be being groomed for county lines drugs operations.

Life Coaching: Re-engaging With School, Community & Life

Truancy reduction is a key outcome of 2020 Rising life coaching as it knits together all of the other beneficial elements of positive interventions. Once children have successfully reconnected with their schools they will go on to re-engage with the wider community.