Welcome to The 2020 Rising® Project

2020 Rising is an inclusive project aimed at something we should all care about – improving our communities so that our young people can grow up with dreams and plans instead of mental illness and fear of violence.

Our youth are not rising. They are barely surviving.

First we need to take a long, unblinking look at what is happening on our streets. If we want to re-engage our youth, we need to set an example by engaging with some uncomfortable questions.

Teachers: do you care what happens to a difficult youth when they are frightened for their lives on the streets or does your responsibility end when the bell rings?

Parents: are you willing to put a stop to a child’s criminal behaviour, even if it means less money around the house?

Government: are your strategies focusing on solving the root problem of youth crime or just handling the symptoms?

Most of all we have to examine our own approach to the problem of youth crime. Are we doing enough or are we content to disengage from the issues and blame everyone else.

A community problem needs a community solution.

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What Can We Offer You?

For teachers and parents we have a range of resources to get started with.

Youth Services

Our range of youth services cover many of the problems faced today.

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We have created several packages, consultations, inset days and workshops.

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To support our work in raising awareness we have produced a number of e-Books.

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